Meshworks is a site dedicated to documenting and preserving video and sound recordings of writing in performance. The site’s title is taken from an essay by cris cheek in Additional Apparitions: Poetry, Performance, and Site-Specificity: “Each poetry reading is a meshwork, a gathering, of differentially inflected components.” more >>


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post_moot 2010

Miami University – April 22-25, 2010
View a sampling of the performances on our YouTube channel. The event included papers, live writing, poets theater, neo-benshi, sound art, talk-based poetics, voice art, collaboration, polylingualism, lyric meditations, translation, poetry readings, public writing interventions, sound poetry, visual poetry, eco poetics and text-based installation.– movie files of this event >>

Kuba Mokrosinski

Kuba Mokrosinski SoundEye 2005 – Cork, Ireland.
Kuba Mokrosinski was born in 1980 in Lodz, Poland. He has published short stories and poems and translations from English. His first collection of poems, Karate Kon, appeared in 2004. – movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Lee Harwood

Lee Harwood SoundEye 2005 – Cork, Ireland.
Born in 1939, Lee Harwood is one of the leading English poets of his generation, the author of many books. His Collected Poems were published by Shearsman in 2004. – movie and mp3 files of this event >>

Dana Ward

Dana Ward Miami University – Oxford, Ohio – 4.1.08.
Dana Ward is the author of Goodnight Voice (House Press 2008), the Drought (Open 24hrs), & Roseland (Editions Louis Wain). He lives in Cincinnati where he edits Cy Press & works as an advocate for adult literacy at the Over-the-Rhine Learning Center. – movie and mp3 files of this event >>