The Miami Finance Association is open to students of all class levels and any major. Our membership consists of regularly attending our guest speakers and presentations. There is usually one speaker a month, during the week in the evening. The organization contacts finance and business professionals from well-distinguished national and regional companies focused in the financial sector to present and speak personally with members. Miami Finance Association is a great way to open your eyes to the many opportunities in finance and also to learn more in-depth about a particular sector or industry. In the past, guest speakers have worked in corporate finance, specialized in securities and investments, commercial banking, insurance, real estate and government agencies.

The goal of the Miami Finance Association is to educate its members on the financial sector of the corporate and business world. Members attending the speakers wi! ll learn what companies look for in students aspiring to obtain full-time positions or internships, learn about specific positions within the field and inquire about positions available with the visiting company. Interested students are highly encouraged to attend any and all of the speaker presentations.

For students interested in joining and attending speakers or any questions please email Jill at .

Meetings in the past have included representatives from the following companies: