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Announcing the
2015 Novella Prize Winner:

by Lawrence Coates

Coming Fall 2015


Monetized book coverNEW POETRY


by Alissa Quart

$16.00 – Pre-order a copy!

Alissa Quart’s first book of poetry sifts brilliantly through our landscape of damaged Americana. From spam ads to tech speak, from self-help to real estate to the lingo of gossip or “mom” sites, these poems insistently limn a country where nearly everything has taken on the character of money. Quart, the acclaimed author of Branded and two other books of reported cultural criticism, cuts into our clamorous culture, summoning its strangeness and humor. Monetized also reflects upon a shared longing for the analogue era, as well as our longing for a less commercialized past. This book is a remarkable account of a state of yearning for the passing moment in a period of rapid acceleration, a feeling Quart calls “right-now-nostalgia.”

"Alissa Quart’s smart and sexy poems perform invasion and insurgency with utmost aplomb and analytical edge. I love her intensity, her compact lines, her clever harvesting of commerce’s schizoid hysteria, as if media-speak’s carnival (Times Square, the Internet) were reorchestrated, with tidy wit and formalist ingenuity, by a Bauhaus purist." – Wayne Koestenbaum

"The poems in Alissa Quart’s Monetized are not only smart but ambitious as hell. Sharp, biting, and aphoristic, Quart's exact and exacting lines are extraordinary shots in and at our commodified American landscape. ('Let's hope we're perennial.') With their constant awareness of the dissonance found in this post-millennial tweet-filled, Facebook-ed, facsimile age of late capitalism, these poems convey a powerful sense of lost and found awareness: 'We could forgive ourselves/if only we knew our own story.'" – Susan Howe

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Fountain book coverNEW FICTION


by Tote Hughes

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When Pinson Charfo wakes one morning to find a strange note at his bedside from a Mr. Ralfo to a Mr. Cormill, neither of whom he knows, it proves to be the first in a series of odd clues designed specifically for him to follow, embroiling him in a complex mystery featuring plagiarized manifestos, narcotized cultists, the search for pornographic prints, and a busted fountain whose runoff forms an underground lake beneath the never-named city’s unsuspecting feet. Tote Hughes’s Fountain is a metaphysical detective story unlike any other, a comic tour de force set in a labyrinthine world of shifting signs and dreamlike insolubility.
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Hafez book cover

Hafez Awarded 2014 Lois Roth Persian Translation Prize!

Miami University Press is proud to announce that the American Institute of Iranian Studies has awarded Geoffrey Squires’ Hafez: Translations and Interpretations of the Ghazals its Lois Roth Prize for 2014. The prize recognizes demonstrated excellence in literary translation from Persian to English.

The American Institute of Iranian Studies is a non-profit consortium of universities and museums, founded in 1967, for the purpose of promoting the interdisciplinary study of Iranian civilization and US-Iran cultural dialogue. The 2014 Lois Roth Persian Translation Prize awards committee was chaired by Franklin Lewis, Associate Professor of Persian, University of Chicago.
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