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Submissions to the 2019 Novella Prize are now OPEN! New deadline–8.31.18

Announcing the winner of the 2018 Novella Prize!

TEMPER by Paul Skenazy

selected by final judge TaraShea Nesbit

It was an extraordinary year for the prize not only in terms of the quantity of manuscripts submitted (nearly 190) but also quality. Many thanks to everyone who submitted manuscripts, to our fearless final judge, editorial intern Sam Keeling, as well as all our readers in the Miami University creative writing community!

TEMPER is our 13th novella, joining ranks w/ Garth Greenwell’s MITKO, Patricia Grace King’s DAY OF ALL SAINTS, Tote Hughes’ FOUNTAIN and many others.

All entrants are eligible to receive a copy of the winning book. Request a thank you copy. Publication date early 2019.

New Poetry in Translation

FASTNESS: A Translation from the English of Edmund Spenser

Trevor Joyce

Fastness book coverISBN: 9781881163619
October 15, 2017

Order – $17

"Trevor Joyce's superb introduction to his translation
of Spenser's English into our English tells us what we need to know about Spenser's time, his method, his politics, Ireland
then, and the making of a poetry that is twined around sound, syntax, and sense. This is a bracing book held fast by multitudinous events spinning
in unison. We see how the gods behaved towards Earth (a clod
of turf in space) savaging her
with bad weather. Wild Irish weather from mountains to sea, season to season, day to day:
ever mutable. The held-fastness of the words together give indigenous a new poetic meaning." –– FANNY HOWE