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Hafez book coverNEW POETRY from Miami University Press

Hafez: Translations
and Interpretations of the Ghazals

Translation and Notes by Geoffrey Squires

$25.00 / 515 pgs - buy today!

Thought by many to be untranslatable, the great 14th century Persian poet Hafez, who has been celebrated by figures as different as Goethe, Emerson, and Bunting, has at last found the voice in English that he deserves. Geoffrey Squires, who lived in Iran for three years, gives powerful insight into that culture with these translations of the work of one of its iconic figures. Read more about the book...

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Winner of the 2014 Miami University Press Novella Contest:

FOUNTAIN, by Tote Hughes

In an unnamed city, columnist Pinson Charfo wakes one morning to find a strange note at his bedside from a Mr. Ralfo to a Mr. Cormill, neither of whom he knows . . . the first in a succession of odd clues that seem designed specifically for him to follow. As Charfo investigates further, pursuing increasingly absurd leads, he becomes embroiled in a peculiar mystery featuring plagiarized manifestos, occult societies, masquerade balls, the search for pornographic prints, and a busted fountain whose runoff forms an underground river beneath the city’s unsuspecting feet. Tote Hughes’s FOUNTAIN is a detective story in the best metaphysical and metafictional sense, a comic tour de force set in a world of shifting signs and dreamlike insolubility.

Tote Hughes lives at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, where he's working on his PhD in high energy physics.

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