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Performing Worlds into Being: Native American Women’s Theater


Armstrong, A.E., Johnson, K.L. and Wortman, W.A., Eds.

2009. 978-1-4243-3112-3 / 1-4243-3112-9

Based on the rich results of a 2007 conference at Miami University, this volume brings together some of the most prominent voices in Native North American theater. Subdivided into four thematic sections, it skilfully combines plays, interviews, surveys, critical analyses, poetic responses and essays into a truly communal approach to contemporary indigenous performance. Includes DVD with color photographs and performances.

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Katy Bohinc

2018. 978-1881163633

“'Because I go to so many / bullshit meetings all day long,' writes Katy Bohinc, 'I want / a literary song.' This is a book of love songs and songs of despair. It takes place in bad times like these. True to the title, many of Scorpio s best poems are also its scariest."
—Ariana Reines

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Talk Poetry


Mairéad Byrne

2007. 978-1-881163-49-7 / 1-881163-49-0

Talk Poetry is so hot. High bandwidth textblocks buzz with wonderful conversations. Verbal quadrats frame teeming diversifications. It’s just gorgeous. What do you think’s going to happen when a magnificent poet finds her perfect form? Don’t let this one slip through your fingers. Unmissable.”
—Randolph Healy

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The Old Whitaker Place


David Chambers

2010. 978-1-4507-0092-4 / 1-4507-0092-6

“Tom Whitaker, the aging hero of David Chambers’ fine first novel, is one of the most captivating characters I’ve encountered in some time. In a voice that is by turns tender, biting, nostalgic, and fearful, he tells a tale that, while succinct, speaks volumes about what it means to grow old in America today. But do not read this as a book with a political agenda, because it isn’t. It is, above all, a wonderful story.”
—Julia Glass

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Camp Olvido


Lawrence Coates

2015. 978-1-88116-357-2

“In Camp Olvido, Lawrence Coates paints a sensual and humane picture of life and death in a depression-era work camp peopled by Latino fieldworkers . . . showing not only the sorrow of endemic poverty and powerlessness but the love and good humor of a community that can endure.”
—Bonnie Jo Campbell

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Under the Small Lights


John Cotter

2010. 978-1-4507-0091-7 / 1-4507-0091-8

Under the Small Lights is a kaleidoscopic glimpse at an intense circle of friends as they mix love and obsession in a sort of game of art. John Cotter knows how to write cutting dialogue and create slices of ardent and ambitious lives as they balance on the last edge of youth.”
—Ron Carlson

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That Night Alive


Tara Deal

2016. 978-1-88116-360-2

"Beautifully paced, That Night Alive records a woman’s yearning to
make something lasting in a post-apocalyptic world of surveillance
and subterfuge where genuine art is forbidden. Tara Deal’s ambitious, inventive, continually surprising, and finely etched novella immerses
us in a woman’s struggles and rewards the most close and attentive reading."
—Lee Upton

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VIII Stepping Poems & other pieces


Fergal Gaynor

2011. 978-1-45-7-3710-4 / 1-45-7-3710-4

VIII Stepping Poems & other pieces brings together ten years of work from Irish poet, critic and art practitioner Fergal Gaynor. This is poetry in the modernist tradition, often in experimental forms. The Stepping Poems make apparent a surrounding silence or inarticulacy; the terse, gnomic triads of the Runes are based on Old Irish riddling forms.

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Galactic Milk: the Five

Questions of Mortality


Frederick Farryl Goodwin

2013. 978-1-881163-53-4

"In the night I drink from Frederick Farryl Goodwin's eternal Galactic Milk, joined by the whispering stars. The book has a healing effect like that of Achilles' spear: it healed the mortal wounds that no other medicine could possibly heal. But, at the same time, so exciting and detoxifying and purifying from the mud and quicksand of everyday life!"

Ferid Muhić

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Virgil’s Cow


Frederick Farryl Goodwin

2009. 978-1-4243-3113-0 / 1-4243-3113-7

Twenty years in the making, Virgil's Cow is the debut collection by apocalyptic American poet and former hardcore vocalist Frederick Farryl Goodwin. Improbably fusing the best of what tradition has to offer this “Oxbridge” educated poet with attention to recombinatory energies, Virgil’s Cow presents a luminous voice for today’s brave new linguistic world of “hybridized” possibility.

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Garth Greenwell

2011. 978-1-4507-6214-4/ 1-4507-6214-4

Mitko is a novella of astonishing force and poignance, and Garth Greenwell’s Sofia, Bulgaria, brings to mind Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin or the Saigon of Marguerite Duras.”
—Honor Moore

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A Fight in the Doctor’s Office


Cary Holladay

2008. 978-1-4243-3111-6 / 1-4243-3111-0

“Cary Holladay’s lovely tale of misguided desire combines the precise vision of Flannery O’Connor with the brutal comic touch of Lewis Nordan. I can’t remember the last book I read with as many moments of mystery, illumination and emotional honesty.”
—Michael F. Parker

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Tote Hughes

2014. 978-1-881163-55-8

Winner of the 2014 Novella Prize.

"Fountain seems not unlike a witty and elegant English translation of some peculiar allegory from another land and another time. It’s wonderful, in other words. I deeply admire this antic, atmospheric, and dreamily vivid tale." 
—Chris Bachelder, author of Abbott Awaits and U.S.!

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Finding Freedom: Memorializing the Voices of Freedom Summer


Jacqueline Johnson

2013. 978-1-881163-52-7

“Western College for Women, known for its dedication to social justice, was a natural partner in the events of Freedom Summer '64. By opening the campus to those training to work as civil rights volunteers in Mississippi, Western became a witness to history, and to the courage and commitment of all those associated with the Freedom Summer movement.”
—Mackenzie Becker Rice, Director, Western College Alumnae Association

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Fastness: A Translation from
the English of Edmund Spenser

Poetry in translation

Trevor Joyce

2017. 978-1-8811-6361-9

"Trevor Joyce's superb introduction to his translation of Spenser's English into our English tells us what we need to know about Spenser's time, his method, his politics, Ireland then, and the making of a poetry that is twined around sound, syntax, and sense. This is a bracing book held fast by multitudinous events spinning in unison. We see how the gods behaved towards Earth (a clod of turf in space) savaging her with bad weather. Wild Irish weather from mountains to sea, season to season, day to day: ever mutable. The held-fastness of the words together give indigenous a new poetic meaning."
—Fanny Howe

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Day of All Saints


Patricia Grace King

2017. 978-1-8811-6361-9

"A haunted hero. His missing bride. Ghosts everywhere. In this elegantly-structured, suspenseful, and affecting novella, Patricia Grace King displays her great gifts as a writer: sharp prose, vivid setting across two cultures, and a profound empathy for the dispossessed, the forgotten, and the dreamers."
—Christopher Castellani

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Leaving CLE
poems of nomadic dispersal

Poems, Creative Nonfiction

Janice A. Lowe

2016. 978-1-8811-6359-6

“The magic trick is that Lowe makes you feel through all the flux there
is something unshakable at center. Words untangle and recombine,
then land with stunning clarity. A stealth memoir emerges as Lowe turns an ode to family and city into music.”
—Rachel Sheinkin

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Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse

Poems in Translation

Stéphane Mallarmé; translation and notes by Peter Manson

2012.978-1-8811-6350-3 / 1-8811-6350-3

The Poems in Verse is Peter Manson’s translation of the Poésies of Stéphane Mallarmé. Long overshadowed by Mallarmé’s theoretical writings and by his legendary visual poem “Un coup de Dés jamais n’abolira le Hasard,” the Poésies are lyrics of a uniquely prescient and generative modernity. Grounded in a scrupulous sounding of the complex ambiguities of the original poems, Manson’s English translations draw on the resources of the most innovative poetries of our own time — these may be the first translations really to trust the English language to bear the full weight of Mallarméan complexity. With The Poems in Verse, Mallarmé’s voice is at last brought back, with all its incisive strangeness, into the conversation it started a hundred and fifty years ago, called contemporary poetry.

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Between Cup and Lip


Peter Manson

2008. 978-1-4243-3110-9 / 1-4243-3110-2

Between Cup and Lip is Peter Manson’s first American book publication.
Containing 18 years of previously uncollected work, Between Cup and Lip
forms the missing link between two collections published in Britain, For the
Good of Liars
(Barque, 2006) and Adjunct: An Undigest (Edinburgh Review, 2005), demonstrating the continuum between the prosodically-dense, endlessly considered poetry of the former and the procedural work of the latter.

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Between Cup and Lip book cover

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History of an Executioner


Clancy McGilligan

2020. 978-1-881163-66-4

History of an Executioner is a triumph of empathy, imagination, and lucidity. A haunting examination of a humble, civil-servant killer whose lonely existence has arrived at a crossroads. Is he the last of his kind? Would he even know how to be his own man? Could there be any escape from this life of blood and gloom? This first book by Clancy McGilligan truly swept me away—a stunning debut from a spectacularly talented writer.”

—Skip Horack



Alissa Quart

March 2015. 978-1-4243-3109-3

Alissa Quart's first book of poetry sifts brilliantly through our landscape of damaged Americana. From spam ads to tech speak, from self-help to real estate to the lingo of gossip or "mom" sites, these poems insistently limn a country where nearly everything has taken on the character of money. Quart, the acclaimed author of Branded and two other books of reported cultural criticism, cuts into our clamorous culture, summoning its strangeness and humor. Monetized also reflects upon a shared longing for the analogue era, as well as our longing for a less commercialized past. This book is a remarkable account of a state of yearning for the passing moment in a period of rapid acceleration, a feeling Quart calls "right-now-nostalgia."

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Cynthia Reeves

2007. 978-1-4243-3109-3 / 978-1-4243-3108-6

Winner of the 2006 Miami University Press Novella Contest, Badlands portrays the twenty–four–year marriage of Caro and Daniel Singleman—the marriage that was, is, and might have been. As the dying Caro confronts a night of crisis, the couple attempt to reshape the present by reconstructing the past through the interleaving of memory, hallucination, and dream. In this fraught terrain, Badlands explores two human mysteries—the inscrutability of the heart and the persistence of hope in the face of overwhelming loss.

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The Waiting Room


Albert Sgambati

2006. 1-881163-48-2 / 978-1-881163-48-0

Winner of the Miami University Press Novella Contest for 2005, The Waiting Room is a compact tale of alienation, abandonment, love and transgression. Albert Sgambati’s prose is sharp, funny and very much of the moment, and his characters are unique and sympathetically drawn. The Waiting Room will stay with readers long after the reading and the waiting is over.

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Miami University: a personal history book cover

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Miami University

A Personal History

Phillip R. Shriver. Edited by Dr. William Pratt

1998. 1-881163-28-8

Miami University: A Personal History incorporates the lectures on Miami history which have been given by a former president to large classes for many years. As a complement to Walter Havinghurst’s narrative of The Miami Years —the primary source of university history ever since the Sesquicentennial Year of 1959, when it was first published— the Shriver history is a personal account, often with humorous asides, of a university rooted in the western academic tradition, which bears an Indian tribal name native to southwestern Ohio.

For individuals and trade, call (513) 529-2600 or fax (513) 529-2625 Miami University Bookstore, Phillip R. Shriver Center, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056.

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Temper CA


Paul Skenazy

2019. 978-1-881163-64-0

"Paul Skenazy's fiction misbehaves. It swerves, it revisits ground and digs deeper, it confounds expectations. He has the gift of creating characters who are sympathetic not in spite of their prickliness but because of it, and of depicting human bonds that are all the tenser for being so strong."
—Jonathan Franzen

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Hafez: Translations and Interpretations of the Ghazals

Poems in Translation

Hafez; translation and notes Geoffrey Squires

2014. 978-1-881163-54-1

“Geoffrey Squires’ translations of Hafez are not only beautiful (and they are) but innovate a new approach to the translation and presentation of poets from the distant and exotic past.  In finding fresh means to show Hafez in context, Squires composes a work both faithful to Hafez and with a narrative power that opens a true dialogue between present and past. His Hafez in that sense sets a new standard for our time and for years to come."
—Jerome Rothenberg

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Hafez cover

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Rumi: Poems from the Divan-E Shams

Poems in Translation

Rumi; translation and notes, Geoffrey Squires

2020. 978-1-881163-67-1

“The massive volume of Rumi’s Divan-e Shams resembles a vast field of wild flora in which the person in search of flowers to make a bouquet can easily become confused and lost. Geoffrey Squires has not only accomplished the daunting task of picking those flowers, but also domesticating them for the garden of English poetry, and has miraculously managed to retain their original scent and hue. With his free verse renditions, in these translations he beautifully captures the whirling dance of Rumi’s poetic language and music.”
—M. R. Ghanoonparvar

Men Beware Women


Gwen Thompson

2012. 978-1-881163-51-0 / 1-881163-51-0

Men Beware Women is a charming story of one young man’s wide-ranging education abroad.  It is also a wise, fast-paced novella that you will not be able to put down. When you do finish it, you’ll immediately be looking to pick up more work from the extremely talented Gwen Thompson.”
—Edward Schwarzschild

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Rainbow Darkness

An Anthology of African American Poetry

Edited by Keith Tuma, with photographs by Lynda Koolish

2005. 978-1-881163-47-3 / 1-881163-47-4

Rainbow Darkness gathers poems by a range of established and newer African American poets including Jeff Allen, Wanda Coleman, C. S. Giscombe, Terrance Hayes, Kim Hunter, Honorée Jeffers, Nathaniel Mackey, Harryette Mullen, Mendi Lewis Obadike, Reginald Shepherd, Timothy Siebles, Evie Shockley, Lorenzo Thomas, Natasha Trethewey, Anthony Walton, Crystal Williams, and Tyrone Williams, and essays by Herman Beavers, Aldon Nielsen, Kathy Lou Schultz, Evie Shockley, and Lorenzo Thomas.

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The Guide to the Flying Island


Lee Upton

2009. 978-1-60743-571-6 / 1-60743-571-3

“Lee Upton’s The Guide to the Flying Island is a carefully nuanced enchantment which unfolds in the community around an isolated island chapel and on the threshold between the psychological and the metaphysical. As I watched Jake Isinglass attempt to unravel the mysteries of a missing nun and the loss of his mother, I was captivated by the mist-filled maritime setting and the enigmatic behavior of locals and pilgrims. Any fan of Picnic at Hanging Rock or The Magus will be spellbound by Upton’s deft prose and compelling characters."

—R.T. Smith

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Mayor of the Roses


By Marianne Villanueva

2005. 1-881163-45-8 / 1-881163-46-6

In stories simultaneously sorrowful and hopeful, Villanueva writes of the contrary beauty, ugliness and violence of her native land, the Philippines, as well as of the myriad contradictions of immigrant life in the new landscapes of America.

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Her Faithfulness


By Liz Waldner

2016. 978-1-881163-58-9

"The difference between looking anywhere you can and looking anywhere you want reasons the weather of these exquisite poems, inside which malady, melody, severity, doubt, and pleasure approach and pass to be claimed by a voice too beautiful to ever stop listening for. Liz Waldner may be here to show us how joy made sad gets to keep being joy, how to be beheld by meanness and not be it. This is the work of a vital, profuse mind undeniably at home in poetry." —Kathleen Peirce

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