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What Wind Will Do


Debra Bruce

1997. 1-881163-18-0 / 1-881163-19-9

What Wind Will Do book cover

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“What strikes me about What Wind Will Do is Debra Bruce’s wonderful eye for the luminous detail and the wrenching but understated lyricism of imminent loss... Along with such poets as Marilyn Hacker, Jane Kenyon, and Mary Oliver, Bruce has given us another woman’s voice we have to listen to!”
—Julia Alvarez

“I admire Debra Bruce’s adroit use of form. Through it, paradoxically, she has acquired the freedom to confront subjects that range from cancer to infertility and she does so with considerable grace.”
—Maxine Kumin

“[Bruce] works comfortably between villanelles, pantoums, rondels, and more standard forms... But all the iambs in the world won’t substitute for the gritty narratives that anchor and drive the best and most engaging poems in the book.”
—Mike Chasar in The Dayton Daily News

About the Author

Photo of Debra BruceOriginally from Albany, New York, Debra Bruce was educated at the University of Massachusetts, Brown University, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

She is the author of two previous books of poems, Pure Daughter and Sudden Hunger.

She is Associate Professor of English at Northeastern Illinois University and lives in Chicago with her husband, Rick Kinnebrew, and their son, Kevin.

Author Photo by: Michael Tappin