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That Night Alive


Tara Deal

September 2016. ISBN 978-188116-360-2

Winner of the 2016 Novella Prize

Part futuristic fiction and part
meditative memoir, That Night
begins on the narrator's
death date and moves backward
in time to tell her story. She
traces her path as a successful
crypto-reporter, navigating a life
of secrecy and solitude and world
travel. A counter-narrative
intersects, told by the same woman
as a young artist struggling to create
a work of beauty. That Night Alive
investigates art and failure,
and success.

Reviews & Such

A microreview of That Night Alive
appeared in Nerds of a Feather
Flock Together
in October 2016:
"The novella reads as a perfect
amalgamation of poetry and prose."

"a tightly written and successful
novella"– Melissa Reddish,
Small Press Book Review
September 2016.

"Beautifully paced, That Night Alive records a woman’s yearning to make something lasting in a post-apocalyptic world of surveillance and subterfuge where genuine art is forbidden. Tara Deal’s ambitious, inventive, continually surprising, and finely etched novella immerses us in a woman’s struggles and rewards the most close and attentive reading."
—Lee Upton

"In Tara Deal's That Night Alive moments as vivid and complex as any actually lived weave a narrative of compelling intimacy. Unexpected images ask to be unpacked, considered, and remembered. The narrative plays with time in a language that provokes curiosity as we progress into the text and its world."
—Andrew Davison

About the Author

Tara Deal is a writer in New York City. Her previous novella, Palms Are Not Trees After All, won the 2007 novella prize from Texas Review Press. Her shortest story can be found in Hint Fiction (Norton).