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Brilliant Windows


Larry Kramer

1997. 1-881163-22-9 / 1-881163-23-7

Brilliant Windows book cover

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“I've been a fervent admirer of Larry Kramer’s poems for years, as his is a voice capable of irony without condescension, of tenderness without sentimentality—a rare poetic intelligence whose surfaces and depth continually surprise and delight his readers. This is a remarkable and moving book.”
—Lynne McMahon

“Larry Kramer brings to his poems, as Brilliant Windows generously brings to its readers, that rarest element in poetry these days: a feeling for the human comedy so profound and far-reaching in its sympathies that it restores one’s faith in what earlier ages called ‘wisdom.’ Lyrically charged, passionately conceived, completely free of the moribund trappings of literary fashion, the music of these poems rises to the pitch of their grandly secular vision. This is a book that— like a talisman for the twenty-first century—one could, in all faith, slip into the hands of one’s children, or one’s children’s children.”
—Sherod Santos

“For me, Larry [Kramer] would be the definition of a poet for anyone who needed one... One reason is that he’s kept writing poetry without regard to fashion or constant notice. And although he seems quite normal enough, in truth he’s quite unusual.”
—Marvin Bell in The Los Angeles Times

About the Author

Photo of Larry KramerLarry Kramer was born in Newton, Iowa, and grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and Columbia, Missouri. He died in 2000.

A graduate of Ohio State University and the University of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, he was Professor of English at California State University, San Bernardino.

He wrote one previous book of poems, Strong Winds Below the Canyons.