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Announcing the Winner of the Miami University Press Novella Contest

Miami University Press is delighted to announce the winner of its 2014 novella prize:

FOUNTAIN, by Tote Hughes

In an unnamed city, columnist Pinson Charfo wakes one morning to find a strange note at his bedside from a Mr. Ralfo to a Mr. Cormill, neither of whom he knows . . . the first in a succession of odd clues that seem designed specifically for him to follow. As Charfo investigates further, pursuing increasingly absurd leads, he becomes embroiled in a peculiar mystery featuring plagiarized manifestos, occult societies, masquerade balls, the search for pornographic prints, and a busted fountain whose runoff forms an underground river beneath the city’s unsuspecting feet. Tote Hughes’s FOUNTAIN is a detective story in the best metaphysical and metafictional sense, a comic tour de force set in a world of shifting signs and dreamlike insolubility.

Tote Hughes lives at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, where he's working on his PhD in high energy physics.

FOUNTAIN was chosen by the contest's judge Joseph Bates from among 92 manuscripts submitted this year. Two manuscripts were named as runners up:

Production for FOUNTAIN has begun. All those who submitted manuscripts will receive a copy of the book when it is published.

Thank you for your interest in the contest. Stay tuned for news later this spring about the 2015 contest.

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