Miami U. Rugby Alumni

The Miami Rugby "Old Boys"

When a student-athlete of Miami University Rugby graduates, he officially becomes an "Old Boy" of the club. This simply is because he can no longer register as an official player on the club roster to compete against other collegiate clubs. It does not matter whether the person played 1 fall/spring season or all his years attending Miami U., he has become part of the Miami U. tradition of supporting the club. Whether or not it is financial support, simply attending local area matches, or lending support to the men’’s rugby alumni association (MUMRFCAA), the "Old Boys" work to make sure the club is supported in ways in which The University and the club players are unable to fulfill.

The "Old Boys" network of Miami graduates is growing rapidly from year to year since 1968. Many players who graduated from one decade are close friends with players from earlier and later years. These relationships start when players of the current team play against club graduates in the annual "Old Boys" match on the Saturday after Labor Day. This is the "alumni weekend" for the rugby players, and for many, this is the most important weekend of the year to connect with old friends from years past.

2007 Miami Old Boys Miami University


The Miami University Men’’s Rugby Football Club Alumni Association (MUMRFCAA - aka. Rugby Alumni Association) was created in 2001 by a group of Miami U. Rugby Club alumni to establish a non-profit entity to help support Miami University Men’’s Rugby. This official body works to provide official financial support to volunteers of the club, such as coaches travel expenses. In the past, it has also worked to provide rugby equipment for the club in cases where financial support from Miami University was unavailable. In cases where the team has made rugby playoffs requiring travel and needing financial support, the association has helped fill this gap as well. Most importantly, the association also has dedicated several scholarships for student-athlete rugby club players who have shown dedication to the club both on and off the field.

MUMRFCAA - 501c3 Non-Profit Status

In regards to the financial support the association provides, funds taken in by the association are tax-deductible by donors. The ability for donors to have a tax donation write-off is a win-win for both the donor and the club. Yearly donations provide the association the ability to manage and dedicate funds to club activities on a yearly budgeted basis, allowing the club and association to work closely on driving the future of the club. With this close relationship, the Miami University Rugby Football Club has become one of the most responsible and successful club sports on Miami University’’s campus.

Miami Rugby "Old Boys Weekend"

1993 Old Boys Miami University

The first Saturday after Labor Day is the day when the "Old Boys" come back to Oxford to play a match against the current Miami players. This match features the wiser and smarter "Old Boy" rugby players who have garnered much talent and rugby chicanery over the years. The younger and fitter current players must face a team which will weigh more but may not be as fast as them. The match has provided many stories of impossible tries over the years, and of course, stories of the most probable knock-ons.

"Old Boys" is the weekend in which the young new players of the game of rugby are introduced to a full match and begin to learn all the laws of the game. After the match, those same players will meet each other at the social and will find out how well they actually played from their "Old Boy" counterpart from across the field. This is when players know they have found a sport which is worth playing and coming back to from year to year after they graduate.

Miami Rugby "Old Boys Touring Side"

For those who don’t have the opportunity to come back to "Old Boys", a group of players from the late 90’’s began participating in an annual rugby tournament in Scottsdale, AZ, called "The Wild West Rugby Fest". Since 1999, this touring side is assembled by the willing and the brave who love to play rugby in their time after graduation. This group of Old Boys has seen a few new faces over the years as new grads and sometimes a few current players make it out from year to year. As for the tournament, we enter the social bracket, but we are also there to be competitive and win our matches.

Miami U. Old Boys Wild West Blues Fest 2000

In years previous, the touring side has consisted of a number of "Midwest" players and Miami players, calling themselves "The Church Street Barbarians". This team was a showcase of rugby talent which competed in tournaments around the Midwest and other parts of the United States.