MIAMI RUGBY : Team and Player Biographies

Miami Reds 15’s : D.C. Cherry Blossom Tournament - 2013

2013 Cherry Blossom Champions


Miami Reds 7’s Highlights from the Vegas Invitational:

2012 Las Vegas 7s Video


Las Vegas Invitational

2011 Miami 7s Collegiate Champions Team.jpgThe Miami Rugby 7’s team will be heading to the Las Vegas 7’s Collegiate Invitational tournament Feb 9 to 11, (Thursday-Friday). Thursday should be the pool play, which if typical to other 7’s tournaments should be a bunch of blowouts on the way to knock-out play on Friday. Miami is the #10 rated 7’s team in the nation and is aiming to test their mettle against the other top teams: Life, Central Washington, Stony Brook and Kutztown. This will be the swan song for a core group of seniors who came together to committ to being the best in the nation, and have put Miami on the national rugby map.

2010 Miami Rugby Spring Final 4 Playoffs

Our Most Recent Awards and Championships


USA Rugby Sevens Collegiate Bowl

2014 ACRC 7’s Nationals: PLATE CHAMPIONS

2014 MAC 7’s Championship: PLATE CHAMPIONS

2013 MAC Rugby Fall 15’’s - 2ND PLACE

2013 Cherry Blossom Tournament - CHAMPIONS

2011 Collegiate 7’s National Championships: BOWL CHAMPIONS                          

2011 MIDWEST 7’s CHAMPIONS                                                                                      






Our Miami Rugby Football Club Officers

Miami Rugby Club officers hold the responsibilities of leadership and organization within the club and are the officially the names and faces associated with making it succeed in whatever endeavors it decides to take on.


How and When Club Officers are Elected

Miami University Club Sports allows for official votes to be conducted at any time during the year.  Club officers for Miami Rugby are elected once per year, typically at the end of the [spring] season, however voting sessions may be conducted at any time as seen fit by club membership. The officer roles are presented at an official team meeting lead by the club president with all dues-paying members present. Those who feel they would like to nominate another member for a role may do so when each officer position is presented to be nominated and voted upon. Nominees may decline nomination. Once a member is voted in as an officer, transition of responsibilities from the outgoing officer will be carried out so the new officer will know the entire set of responsibilities carried out through the year.


Captains :  (TBD)

The responsibilities of the team captain are foremost knowing the game of rugby and being a leader to his teammates on the pitch, whether it be during a match or leading them in practice. He is also responsible for making sure his players know the match strategy and making sure they are prepared to follow his lead.


President : (TBD)

 The responsibilities of the president foremost are to maintain the image of the club being the
representative to the university as the face of the club. He will delegate responsibilities to the other officers as needed.

Vice President : (TBD)

The vice president can be a leader or a newer upcoming player in the club who will eventually have a role of president or another office in the club. His responsibility is to learn the structure of the club operations and handle issues for which the president is not available to address.


Treasurer : (TBD)

The club treasurer is responsible for collecting and depositing individual player dues for the operation of the club which includes paying Ohio Union and Midwest dues, USARugby club fees, referees fees (when applicable), tournament fees, and applicable social costs.


Fields Chairman : (TBD)

The fields chairman is responsible for delegating to make sure the field is lined, roped, flagged, and post pads set for each home match. For practices and matches, he is responsible for making sure ruck pads, blocking pads, cones, and rugby balls are all available from the trailer.


Recruiting Chairman :  (TBD)

The recruiting chairman’’s main responsibility is contacting and introducing himself to the new players of the club. He works with the coach and captain to make sure players are coming to practice (phone calls and emails) and that current members introduce themselves and know who the newe players are. Before each practice, he may also be responsible for a role call or new player signup sheet.


Social Media Chairman :  (TBD)

(content TBD)

Our Rugby Coaches

Wesley Seay - Coach (7’s & 15’s) 

Previously coached the men's team at the Milwaukee School of Engineering

Miami Rugby Player Bios

Ayuyu, Joe
Barbe, Beau
Bentley, Derek
Bowers, Donald
Bronson, Jake
Brown, Greg
Butler, Charles
Carpenter, Pete
Carson, Nate
Dalton, Andrew
Dickman, Jordan
Ganser, Terrance
Gildea, Robert
Hall, Steve
Hart, Patrick
Heller, Mark
Hill, Pat
Jhashi, Tamaz
Lalwani, Neeraj
Markovich, Luke
Mathews, Connor
Mathews, Zachary
McCarthy, Connor
McCarthy, Sam
McGuire, Mike
Moss, Randy
Murray, Connor
Padley, Mike
Patick, Derek
Paulino, Jordan
Pelagalli, Mike
Pelagalli, Ryan
Pettiford, Alex
Pettigrove, Kendall
Pinchbeck, Alex
Rahill, Pat
Savercool, Brian
Schultz, Frank
Searer, Kyle
Siler, Corey
Sutherlin, David
Talbot, Max
White, Taylor
Zawodny, Jacob

Jared Moore and Mike Coco

Miami Rugby Alumni

The Miami University RFC Alumni, along with the parents of players, are major supporters of Miami Rugby. Our support of the club is focused on the future direction and continued support through Miami University as an alumni organization. Our official structure consists of a board of directors and alumni association officers who manage funds donated to our non-profit organization which maintains a 501c3 status with the IRS.

To find our more about our alumni organization or if you are a former student-athlete who was involved with the club while at Miami, be sure to visit our alumni website and re-connect with members on our email list.


If you would like to contribute content or pictures for this website, send an email to Brady Garber - or Dan Marron -

For the alumni website - send an email to Steve Fazekas -

Become a Miami Rugby Player

We are looking for athletes no matter what your experience level is, and it doesn’t matter if you are big or small, we have a position for you.

If you have played high school sports, such as football, soccer, hockey, wrestling or track, learning and playing rugby will come naturally to you. New players to the game of rugby may not understand the rules (laws) of the game, however nearly every person you will come to know who plays will tell you they learned while playing in a match.

Not many of our student-athletes in our rugby club have ever played the game before joining, and it is up to us to make sure you learn the game either at practice or in the game. Our rugby team needs players from skinny and fast to big and tough because every player on the field has an opportunity to receive the ball and run as well as tackle on defense.

Whether you are a serious athlete or just looking for a fun way to exercise, we would love to have you join our club! We also have a lot of fun!

Our club has a rich heritage of winning and comraderie which will earn you friends for life. If this is the kind of club you think is the right fit for you, send us your info today, and we’’ll see you out on the pitch soon!

If you are interested in playing contact us and/or sign up:
Coach: Kenny Levick -
President: Brady Garber -
Recruiting Officer: TBD