Miami University

Oxford, Ohio



Article I




  1. The name of this organization shall be Nepali Association at Miami.
  2. This association is a non-profit organization formed under the guidelines of Miami student organizations at Miami University.



Article II




  1. To provide information and support to newcomer Nepali students/scholars and help them adjust in the new environment and the university life at Miami.
  2. To foster positive communication, good friendship, mutual respect and cooperation within the members of Nepali community, and between the Nepali students and other groups in the university area.
  3. To promote and facilitate awareness of Nepali arts, culture, language, traditions and values.
  4. To organize different activities related to Nepali culture.



Article III




Membership is open to any Miami University student, alumni, faculty or a staff, who has an interest in Nepal and Nepali culture. No membership fee will be collected.  There will be no discrimination based on religion, race, color, national origin, language, sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation.



Article IV


Executive Committee


  1. The executive committee consists of five members: the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and communication-in-charge.
  2. The executive committee is responsible for the administrative operation of the organization.
  3. The members of the association will elect the president and vice-president at the beginning of the academic year. The president will appoint the secretary and treasurer, and the vice president will appoint the communication in-charge.
  4. The executive committee serves a one-year term. Any member of the executive committee may serve no more than two consecutive terms. However, they may be reelected into the committee after one inactive term.
  5. The president will be the executive head. He/She calls the executive committee meetings, leads discussions and is responsible for implementing the administrative and other goals of the organization.
  6. The vice-presidentŐs role is to assist and facilitate the president in day-to-day activities of the organization. He/She will chair meetings in the presidentŐs absence.
  7. The secretary records the minutes of meetings and presents them to the committee for approval. He/She will also be responsible in keeping records of the organizationŐs activities.
  8. The treasurer is in-charge of managing organizationŐs finances. He/She can formulate and propose fund-raising activities. He/She also keeps the physical belongings of the organization and maintains the records of all receipts and disbursements.  Once a year, he/she is obliged to publicize the financial records of the organization.
  9. The communication-in-charge will disseminate the news and information to members and other related individuals and organizations. He/She will also be responsible for developing and maintaining the electronic communication resources, including a website containing information pertaining to Nepali Association at Miami.



Article V




  1. Executive Board Meeting: The Executive Board meets 3 times in each academic year besides two General Meetings. At least fifty percent of the board members must be present to fulfill the quorum of the Executive Board Meeting. The date, time, and location of these meetings will be made public to the general members of the association.
  2. General Meeting: All members of the association will be invited to attend the General Meeting. The Executive Committee will arrange these meetings twice a year to report the work progress of the association and to announce the upcoming events. Major issues will be decided based on a majority vote of the general members present at the meeting.
  3. Special Meeting: The executive board may call a Special Meeting in any time of the year in special circumstances. The invitation shall state the need of holding such a Special Meeting.



Article VI



  1. The fiscal year of the organization will begin on 1st of August and end at July 31. 
  2. The president may sign any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of the association under the approval of the majority of the members.
  3. Contribution: The association will be supported financially through the voluntary contributions of its members and donations from individuals and institutions. The executive committee may accept on behalf of the association any contribution, gift, bequest, or device for the organization. Funds may also be collected through the fund-raising activities.


Article VII


  1. These BY-LAWS shall be called ŇTHE BY-LAWS OF THE NEPALI ASSOCIATION AT MIAMI, 2007Ó. These BY-LAWS shall be considered effective when approved by the majority vote of the members of the association in the First General Meeting.
  2. Any amendment to these BY-LAWS should be approved by the majority vote.