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2006   - 43 Day Silk Road Itinerary. subject to change




Overnight @

Day 01

May 21


Transfer to hotel. Check in.

Arriving from Beijing, we will explore Xi'an, the center of power and capital of China through the first millennium and the eastern terminus of the traditional Silk Road.


Aurum International Hotel:

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No.30 Nan Xin St.

Day 02

May 22


Visit Terra Cotta Army, Shaanxi Provincial museum, Grand Mosque and Bazaar, Wild Goose Pagoda

Here is the tomb of the first Emperor of China , the 7000-strong Terra Cotta Warriors. The Mosque and Buddhist Temple both date from the Tang Dynasty, underlining the city’s cosmopolitan nature.


Aurum International Hotel:

Day 03

May 23


Fly Urumchi.

We fly to Urumchi, the transit and industrial center for the region. Urumchi is located at the northern foothills of the Tian Shan.


Xinjiang Grand Hotel

No.168 North Xinhua Road.

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Fax: +86-991-2810048, 2935313.

Day 04

May 24


Xinjiang University Meeting in the morning

Seminar one. Here we will participate in a seminar about the region with faculty of Xinjiang University. Afternoon ride to Turpan

A 3-hour ride in an air-conditioned bus to Turpan. Lying 154meters (505 ft) below sea level, the Turpan Basin not only sits in the second largest depression in the world, but it is one of the hottest places in China. Despite its desert location, Turpan boasts fertile land producing cotton and grapes, thanks to the karez, an ancient irrigation system. Upon arrival, excursion to the ruins of Jiaohe, YARGOL, a Han Dynasty garrison that was destroyed by Genghiskhan. In the evening we will enjoy an Uygur dance show .

Oasis Hotel

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Fax: 8523348

Day 05

May 25

06:00 AM

Idikut (Gaochang), Bezeklik Buddha Caves, Flaming Mountains) , Emin Minaret, Astana tombs, Karez Wells,
In Turpan, local culture is mixed between Turk and Chinese, Islam and Confucianism. Sites to be visited include the ruins of Yargol and of Qocho. These cities were controlled at various times by Tocharian, Han and Tang China, Uyghurs, Turks, Tibetans, and Xiongnu. Materials from Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity, and Manicheanism were all found here. The Bezelik Buddhist Caves were a major focal point for Buddhism. Cultural sites include the Emin Minaret, a karez irrigation system 2000 years old, modern mosques, and the bustling bazaar. Natural sites include the Flaming Mountains, Ayding Lake and the Gobi Desert.

Oasis Hotel.

Day 06

May 26

Turpan-Urumchi-Kazak meadows
fter lunch, we drive back to Urumqi, Urumqi is a growing metropolis inhabited mainly by Han Chinese and serves as a transport hub for those crossing to Tibet, Pakistan and Central Asia.  Visit the Kazak meadows  where we will see nomadic Kazaks and their tents Overnight in Urumchi



Xinjiang Grand Hotel

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Day 07

May 27

We will visit the Xinjiang Regional Museum with its collection on local history and culture

Urumchi Market

Latest flight to Kashgar

Lying at the foot of the Karakoram mountains, Kashgar was a focal point of Silk Road travel.

Late Fly Urumqi- Kashgar.
Qinibagh Hotel

No.144 Seman Road,

Tel: +86-998-2982103.

Day 08

May 28 Sunday

Kashgar Market

Old city Walking tour

Visit to Abakhoja Maoseleum, Sunday Market and Mosque Eidkah. Lunch with Uygur Family in order to learn more about the Uygur Culture.  Kashgar was once the key trading post bridging theEast and the West. Largely inhabited by the Uygurs, this ancient city is dottedwith Muslim architecture and still retains the exotic feel of the Silk Road era. Every Sunday, around 100,000 people gather in the enormous Kashgar Bazaar area where you can buy anything from goats heads and hoofs to colorful paintedwooden saddles. The traditional costumes and food give it an almost medieval feel and bring alive the legends of this epic overland journey along the Silk Road.

Qinibagh Hotel

Day 09

May 29


Leave Kashgar at 07:00
home visits. Torugart Pass

Drive to Turgart Pass(167kms) to exit to Kirghizstan Along the way visit a home of an Uyghur family.

Meet the Kirgyz but at the border of China : at China-Kyrgyz “Torugart” border and after all formalities drive to Naryn with lunch boxes  en route. Torugart pass is normally snow-free from May through September. The Torugart-Naryn road is problematic from mid-November to early March. From the Arc de Triumph (China) it is about 7 km to the Kyrgyzstan customs and immigration. Distance is 60 km from Torugart to outer checkpoint and a further 130-km to Naryn. Naryn’s one real claim to fame is that the best quality shyrdaks (traditional, brightly colored felt-applique rugs) in Kyrgyzstan are said to be made here.


Celestial Mountains Inn

Celestial Mountains Inn

Razzakov street 42,

tel/fax: +996 3522 50412

Day 10

May 30


Ger Building, Felt making

Visit the Moslem Cemeteries


Celestial Mountains Inn


Day 11

May 31


Dolan Pass, Yurt visits, Tokoy reservoir, Balikci, Colpan Ata,

NARYN – ISSYK KUL (300 km, 5-6 hrs)

After breakfast drive to Issyk-Kul Lake through Dolon Pass of 3030 m, the highest point on the Naryn-Issyk Kul road. Usually this season (May-September) the local people "chabans" are putting their yurts on the valleys of Sary-Bulak & Dolon Passes. So you will see the wild life of local people. Lunch en route. Upon arrival at Issyk-Kul transfer to resort for dinner and overnight.


Issyk Kul

Aurora hotel

tel. +996-3943 37215, 37389

add722315 v. Bulan-Sogotuu                                                                                      

fax +996-3943 37211

web-site: <>

Day 12

June 1


Issyk Kul
Seminar two Nathan Light

Relaxing day (optional massage, sauna)

Issyk Kul

Aurora hotel

Day 13

June 2 Friday

Burana Minaret ( Gobali- Balasagun) the capital of Karahanid Kingdom.

En route to Bishkek we visit Burana Tower (10th century tower—originally 45m tall-- marking the site of Balasagun, the center of the Karakhanid whose power stretched from Samarakand to Kashgar) (295 km, 4-5 hrs)
Bishkek Market after lunch




now hotel "Ak-Keme"

93, Prospect Mira,

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fax: +996-312 542408, 542404

Day 14

June 3


Bishkek University

In Bishkek, we visit Ala-Too Square, With the help of Kyrgyz parliamentarians, we will visit the "White House", the seat of the Kyrgyzstan government and parliament.   

Seminar three. Parliament / UNDP Consultant


Pinara Hotel

Day 15

June 4


Museum, Visit the artists

State Historical Museum, archaeology exhibit and displays of Kyrgyz carpets, embroidery, yurts, and other applied crafts.


Pinara Hotel

Day 16

June 5


Fly Osh.
Osh dates back to 5th century BCE as a major Silk Road town. Today, the ethnic mixtures between Uzbek and Kyrgyz make Osh a good place to observe and discuss ethnic identity, and the opportunities and challenges that diversity bring.  Major local sites are Solomon's Throne, a jagged outcrop overlooking the city, and the Jayma Bazaar, one of the most eclectic bazaars in the region.


Intourist Hotel

Hotel Osh-Inturist

1, Bayalinov str,

tel:+996-3222 27991, 75614,

fax:+996-3222 56326

Day 17

June 6


Drive to Fergana via Andijan

Drive to Uzbekistan through the Fergana valley, a major destination for Chinese visitors to Central Asia searching for horses around 100 BCE. Andijan was home to Babur the founder to the Indian Mughal dynasty, 1500s CE



For Uzbek hotels the best

way of contacting is calling

the following numbers

Agency Phone:

+(998) 71 120 8883  

Fax: +(998) 71 120 8873

Utkir (Our Guide’s Cell Phone)

+ 998 71 154 6883

Asia Hotel

Day 18

June 7


Drive to Margilan Rishtan Fergana city

In Margilan, we will visit the bazaar and the Yodgorlik Silk Factory to see the industrial side of the Silk Road.


Asia Hotel

tel: +(998) 732 245221

fax: 248005 26, A.Navoi str.,

Day 19

June 8


Drive via Kokand to Tashkent

going Kokand to visit mosques and museums.


Grand Orzu

tel +(998) 711208877

fax 1208876 27,

M. Tarobiy str., 700090

Day 20

June 9



AM : Medressa, Chorsu Bazaar

PM Seminar fourWe plan a seminar at Institute of History, Academy of Science

We will visit Kukeldash Medressa,  Juma Mosque, and Chorsu Market in the old city.  We make sure you see the country through the interpretations of the local artists. Tonight we will have the pleasure of visiting  Mr. Akbar the potter at his house where we will have dinner


Grand Orzu

Day 21



Fly to Nukus to Karakalpakistan
Visit Karakalpakistan

Visit Karakalpakistan Amu Derya Witness the environmental disaster that Karakalpakistan is experiencing. Meet with the locals at their homes  and their schools to learn more about the destiny of lake Aral.

Cross over the biggest river of Central Asia, Amuderya


Malika Hotel


Day 22

June 11



Khiva Gullu Bag palace dinner? music

The walled inner city has been preserved as an open air museum.  We will visit the Islam Khoja Minaret and Medressa, Juma  Mosque, Pahlavon Mohammed Mausoleum and the palace of the former Emir of Khiva. We will attend a performance of Attazebah folk music and dance


Malika Hotel

Day 23

June 12th


Fly to Tashkent afternoon flight

Ballet? Opera?

Overnight in Tashkent


Grand Orzu

tel +(998) 711208877

fax 1208876 27,

M. Tarobiy str., 700090

Day 24

June 13


Fly to Buchara in the morning

Visit Gijduvan , visit Ibn-I sina Museum

our stops include the museum of Ibn Sina, the father of Medicine, and Gijduvan to see a local potter and experience village life.


Lyabi Hauz tel: +(998)

65 2242484/


fax: 2242177

7, Husainov street

Day 25

June 14


Buchara in the city

Eve Folk show in medressa

We will visit Nasraddin Hodja Park, Lab-i Hauz Mosque, Ark Citadel, Lab-i Hauz, Ismail Samani Masouleum, Kolon Minaret, and Mir-I Arab Medressa. There is strong Persian cultural underlay, making this is good place to study performance art in the tim (covered market).


Lyabi Hauz

Day 26

June 15t


AM: Nahshi Bendi, Emir’s Palace

PM free


Lyabi Hauz

Day 27

June 16t


Drive Shari Sabs

In Timur’s hometown we see the facade of Ak Saray, Timur’s palace, the tomb of Timur's son, Jehangir, and the Kok Kumbaz Mosque. We see the part of Uzbekistan that was not Russified and visit an Uzbek family.

Shari Sabs

Orient Shakhrisabs

tel: +(998) 7552 20640

fax: 20641

Ipak yuli str., 26, 731700

Day 28

June 17t


Drive to Samarkand

Samarkand was a major city during Timurid rule.  The Timurid dynasty 1370-1507 conquered Central Asia, extending to modern day Iran and Iraq with campaigns to Delhi, Izmir, Ankara, and Moscow.



Tel: +(998) 66 33-28-18

Fax: 33-36-33 91,

Koshgariy Str

Day 29

June 18t



Sites to be visited include the Mausoleum of Timur, Registan Square and its ensemble of Medressas: Ulug Beg, Sher Dor, Tilla Kari. Finally we will visit the monument's restoration tile reproduction center and the Bibi Khanym Mosque, a 35m colossus, the final jewel in this empire’s crown.  



Day 30

June 19t



Seminar five Samarkand State Architectural and Engineering Institute



Day 31

June 20



Sites to be visited include the Observatory of Ulug Beg, the grand son of Timur, the Afrasiab Archaeological Museum, the Shahr-i Zindah complex of tombs, bazaar



Day 32

June 21


Train to Tashkent

We cross the valley of the Syr Darya, and back to Tashkent. Use Tashkent to learn about Soviet city planning, transportation, and post-Soviet economic and cultural developments.  


Grand Orzu

tel +(998) 711208877

fax 1208876 27,

M. Tarobiy str., 700090

Day 33

June 22



Seminar afternoon

Seminar 6 Visit Yog’du NGO

Possible opera/ ballet

As the home of one of three remaining Bolshoy ballet/opera companies, we will attend a performance at the Alisher Navoi Theater


Grand Orzu

Day 34

June 23


Use Tashkent to learn about Soviet city planning, transportation, and post-Soviet economic and cultural developments.  


Grand Orzu

Day 35

June 24


TURKISH AIRLINES - TK 1369 0615-0925am

Fly to Istanbul, where we will see Byzantine and Ottoman sites.

City tour

Istanbul TURKEY

Hotel Ayasofya

tel 90 212 516 94 46

fax 90 212 518 07 00

Day 36

June 25


Sites include the Hippodrome, St. Sophia, and Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Bazaar

Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, the Turkish Islamic Art Museum,


Hotel Ayasofya

Day 37

June 26


Ride on the Bosphoros

Overnight Train Ride to Ankara

On the train

Day 38

June 27


Visit Ankara Museum in the morning

Bilkent University in the afternoon

We visit the Anatolian Civilization Museum, with its display of 26 different civilizations. All artifacts excavated from Anatolia are in this museum. Seeing it will give us a better understanding of the cultural and historic layers of the Anatolian civilization and the Silk Road in Turkey.  

Seminar 7 Bilkent University for a seminar on Turkey


Elit Palace

phone 90 312 424 0570

fax 90 312 424 0571

Day 39

June 28


Ankara - Aksaray – Konya
2 Karavan Sarais

Departing for Konya, stopping en route at a 12th century Caravanserai. Konya is the first capital of the Selcuks, the oldest Turkish Empire in Anatolia. It is also known for being the homeland of Rumi, a 13th century poet-philosopher and one of the earliest humanists. The ambiance of the city has not changed much for the past 800 years. 2 Karavan Sarais Sultan Han and Obruk



Hotel Baykara

Istanbul Caddesi

phone 90 332 353 6030

fax 90 332 353 6035

Day 40

June 29


Konya – Egirdir By the lake


Caravan Sarai


Richmond Spa Hotel

phone 90 258 271 4614

fax 90 258 271 4616

Day 41

June 30


Egirdir – Selcuk

Via Ak Han

The westernmost Caravanserai on the Silk Road is in Kusadasi and dates from Ottoman times.


Kismet Hotel,

Yat Limani Ustu

Tel 90 256 618 1290

Fax 90 256 618 1295

Day 42

July 01



Our last big day will be in Ephesus (600BCE-430CE), the best-preserved classical city on the eastern Mediterranean and among the best places in the world to observe Roman times on this western end of the Silk Road.


Day 43

July 2


Start your journey home.

Fly to Istanbul from Izmir and connect to international flight in Istanbul