Miami University Silk Road Project Maps

Miami University Silk Road Itinerary 2006

Central Asia

Topography of Eastern Asia
Topography of Western Asia
Tarim Basin
Transoxiana and Khorasan

The following are taken from Monica Whitlock, Land Beyond the River: The Untold Story of Central Asia (New York: Thomas Dunne Books, 2003), an excellent account of Central Asia in the 20th Century
Afghanistan 2002 :
Central Asia 1901 :
Central Asia 2002 :
Southern Tajikistan and the northern Afghan Borders


Political map , Relief map Xinjiang province

Kyrgyzstan: Political map, schematic

Uzbekistan: Political map

Turkey: Political map, Relief map

Maps of the Silk Road and Related Areas

First Century BCE sea trade routes (small) (large)
First Century CE trade routes
Silk Road Routes and Products

The Silk Road and other trading routes during the Mongol Period

Empires of Central Asia

Sequence Map of Empires of Empires of Middle East and Central Asia (3000 BCE-2006 CE)
Alexander's Empire
Alexander's Advance (animated)
Central Asia in 190 BCE
Central Asia in 100 CE
The Mongols
Timur's Empire
Timur's Empire

The Following are from the excellent account of Timur by Justin Marozzi, Tamerlane: sword of Islam, conqueror of the world (Cambridge: Da Capo Press, 2006).

Central Asia in the Fourteenth Century and Today
Asia Minor in the Fourteenth Century
The Golden Horde
Medieval Persia
Temur's Campaign in India
Temur's Campaigns
Temur's Homeland: Mawarannahr and the Chaghatay Empire

Sequence Map of World Religions

Silk Road Cities
Shah-i-Zinde (Samarkand)

Silk Road Travelers:

Clavijo's Route (1403-1406)
Marco Polo
William of Rubruck
Route of Benedict GoŽs (ca. 1594)
Anthony Jenkinson's Route (1557-1560)
Adam Olearius' Route (1635-1639)
Steel and Crowther's Journey of 1615-16 from Moghul India through Persia)