Here are some movies we put on the web while we were on the road. They are best viewed with Quicktime. Since then Yihong Pan and Steve Nimis have made a few more movies using video and pictures with music and narration. These can be found below.

Shorter movies uploaded while we were on the road

Here is a brief movie of the Terra Cotta warriors outside of Xi'an

Here is another brief movie of the Terra Cotta warriors, better quality from Yihong's video camera.

Our train ride from Beijing to Xi'an.

On the walls of Xi'an and at the Inscription Museum

The Buddhist caves in Astana provided some stunning veiws that combined river, desert and mountains.

We had a nice Uighur lunch in a Kashgar home.

The Sunday Market or animal Market in Kashgar was an amazing scene of commerce and action.

After visiting the ancient city of Idikut, we ate lunch at the local market.

We had a picnic in the Torugart Pass which gave us the opportunity for some reflection.

How long does it take to build a yurt?

We had some Turkish music to celebrate Meli's birthday.

Belly dancers are an essential part of the silkroad experience.

In Bukhara, Yihong conducted some interviews of participants on their views of the city.

Movies with music and/or narration (These are larger than the ones above and may take a while to load, so be patient.

This movie portrays the Uighur city of Kashgar in the western China region of Xiangjing. (27.8 MB

This movie portrays the city of Xi'an the eastern terminus of the Silk Road. (11.5 MB)

This movie surveys various aspects of the Silk Road Landscape, Peoples, and Transportation. (34.5 MB)

Here is a movie about our impressions of Bukhara. (14 MB)

Here is a movie about the silk road bazzars. (17.3 MB)

Here is a movie of our experiences in Kyrgyzstan. (24.3 MB)

The youth of Central Asia were a favorite photo subject. (4 MB)

The food of central Asia was good, but a lot the same. Sometimes we found ourselves longing for a cheeseburger. (4 MB)

A lot of the trip involved some intense group dynamics among participants. (47.8 MB)

Need Higher resolution? Try these mp4 versions that are larger but better:

Uighur city of Kashgar (33 MB)
City of Xi'an (23 MB)
Landscape, Peoples, and Transportation (47 MB)
Bukhara (39 MB)
Kyrgyzstan (31 MB)
Bazaars (42 MB)
Youth of Central Asia (5.3 MB)
Food of Central Asia (5.3 MB)
Group Dynamics (100 MB)