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If you like this site please drop us an email. Here's what some of our visitors had to say about Improv Encyclopedia:

  • I am a junior high teacher in Lacombe, Alberta and am looking for some helpful resources/units in order to introduce improv to my school - TLW - Alberta, Canada

  • I was doing research into impro-exercises to use in corporate training For a training company in Rotterdam when I found your database (searchword: fast food laban) wow... This is a BIG help and very handy as a reminder-tool when preparing a training - TVD - Rotterdam, Holland

  • Can I say one word about your website: Splendid! One great improfan, and one less greatimproplayer! -- CC - Leuven, Belgium

  • Just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful information available on your site! I'm a Canadian teaching English in Brazil and have started using improv activities in the classroom with great success. The students love them, and so do I! Thanks for all the work that's gone into this site. Much appreciated - LR - Brazil

  • I'm a teacher trainer working with novice teachers and I'm very interested in the concept of status...ways of raising my own status as a teacher and ways of not lowering the status of my students... I really enjoyed your website! -- AB - Sussex, UK

  • great site, good collection of resources ! - JV - Amsterdam, Holland

  • I'm very interested in the theatre, and I find your site very interesting - SS - USA

  • It is my job to find high quality sites to include in our web directory. I ran across your site from this newsgroup posting. I liked your site and would love to include it in our web directory. - AB - USA

  • Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for providing such an excellent resource. I am starting rehearsals with a new cast on Sunday and this has really given me some ideas. - RH - UK

  • As a reviewing librarian for an online clearinghouse for teachers, I have found your site particularly helpful. -- SL - Ann Arbor, USA

  • I find the games very interesting to use. Thanks. - SI - India

  • I am an acting teacher who has been working with the same group of students for 3 years and was running out of ideas. I snubbed my nose at looking on the web but am teaching in an hour and wanted something fun and new!! - TF - USA

  • I just wanted to say, as a fellow actor, this is a wonderful resource! - CTJ - USA

  • I just wanted to say what a great resource the encyclopedia is. Thanks for all your work. - AA - USA

  • I just want to praise you for a site that answers all of the questions. I direct a small (but growing) group, and coach in another, here in Massachusetts and your site has helped me immeasurably with my warm ups. There are so many fresh ideas. It makes rehearsal fun, and makes people keep coming back year after year. - RD - USA

  • I just downloaded the Improv Encyclopedia and I think it's GREAT! - CV- USA

  • As a community theatre director, I am constantly looking for theatre games to keep people thinking and reacting. Your website has made my job a lot easier! Thank you! - HC- USA

Here's some other internet reactions:
  • We were New York Times Site of the Day on Aug28 2001! ( )

  • We were Featured Link for October on Improv Boston. This is what they had to say: "Our featured improv link for October is Improv Encyclopedia . Here you'll find an incredible improv resource, thoroughly indexed and cross-referenced." ( )












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