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Welcome to the Improv Encyclopedia! Here you will find tons of stuff related to improvisation theatre. Look for improv games, handles, concentration exercises, drama techniques, character exercises, warm-ups, long form Improv formats, improvised show formats, tips for improv workshops and much more.


  • 13 Jun 2002 - version 1.2.4 - Bit more of everything. Noticed layout problem in pdf version not fixed yet (working on that)

  • 11 Jun 2002 - Version 1.2.3 - A bit more of everything. Fixed layout problem in pdf version.

  • 27 Apr 2002 - Version 1.2.2 - A bit more of everything, and many more links.

  • 21 Apr 2002 - Version 1.2.1 - Fixed some broken links, added bunch of warm-ups.

  • 19 Apr 2002 - Version 1.2.0 - Revamped the site. We now have a Kudos & Links page! Also reorganised the Games page as we're simply getting too many games ;-)

  • 04 Feb 2002 - Version 1.1.10 - Added the search facility

This site is organized in 4 large chunks:

  • Games : a collection of improv games, handles, exercises and warmups. Each of these belongs in one or more Categories . On the games pages you will find a list of all games, with a link to each game.

  • Some games are known by different names. Hence, the games page also provides a list of synonyms for game names.

  • You will find a page for each game. If known, the origin of the game is provided. Next to each game description you will find a list of all categories the game is listed in.

  • Categories : categories for games, handles, exercises and warmups. Most games are in more than one category, so the whole is a big spiderweb of references. On the categories page you will find links to all categories.

  • For each category, a short description is given, along with the list of all games in that category.

  • Keywords : this is a list of improv terms and basic concepts. These are referenced in the game/category descriptions.

  • References : this is a list of interesting/useful people, troupes, books, articles and websites. These are referred to in the game/category descriptions.

The whole Improv Encyclopedia consists of 300+ pages. If you'd like to download a copy of the whole encyclopedia, go to the download page. If you want to know how this site was built, check out the FAQ page. You can even download all the sources used to build this site.

Feel free to report any mistakes, omissions, additions, comments or kudos here . Enjoy!












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