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UV introduction and basic optics


Autoregressive modeling

DNA damage and repair



Weighting functions

Effects on Phytoplankton

Effects on Protozoa

Effects on Zooplankton

Effects on Fish

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Ecology of UV

Welcome to the Ecology of UV section of the UV-Lakes Project website. This section provides an introduction to the ecology of ultraviolet (UV) radiation for students and investigators new to the study of UV, whether or not they are connected with this specific project. The presentations here are short and simple with suggested readings for those interested in more detail. Basic concepts and methods dealing with the ecology of UV radiation are covered, with a particular emphasis on lakes and a climate change perspective. The topics covered are outlined in the task bar to the left. We hope that you will find this section informative and will come back to visit often as questions arise.


The Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) home page provides information on current ozone data from a suite of satellite based instruments. Find out what the column ozone levels are over your home, check out the Antarctic ozone "hole", or use some of their educational pages to learn more about ozone.

This online textbook on ozone and UV includes the basics on the origin and structure of ozone in the atmosphere as well as its relationship with UV. It also includes methods to both measure ozone as well as estimate long-term trends in ozone depletion from satellite data.














































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