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WMSR Student Radio
221 Williams Hall
Oxford, Ohio 45056

(513) 529 1269
(513) 529 1985

Information: wmsr.radio@gmail.com
Take Part:

WMSR is run entirely by students and we are always looking for creative, fun and enthusiastic people to help improve our programming and reach a wider audience.

Although our recruitment for this semester is over, there is always a way to get involved. Contact us to find out what opportunities are still available.

All Aboard the DJ Gravy Train:

Towards the beginning of every semseter WMSR goes through a general member recruitment cycle. We hold a few public information sessions where students can learn what WMSR is all about.
At these sessions students present their experience and specific interests. DJs interested in music shows then sign up for interviews where they can present show ideas to the board and potentially get themselves a spot on the air after a few training sessions.

Students interested in Sports or News meet after the general information session to speak with those department heads about getting a spot on News or Sports staff, which also involves an interview.

Graphic designers and artists are also welcome to apply for our promotions staff to help create fliers and posters. If you're interested, just bring in some of your previous work and talk to our promotions director.


Our station is always open on Fridays to all who want to come hang out with our members and get to know what's what. Feel free to stop by the back of Williams Hall!