Spring '08 Broadcasting Schedule

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10 a.m.              
11 a.m.

Rush Hour Renegades
Ciro Gaimari
Stealing the Morning
Cup O' Joe
Jose Enrique
The Morning Fix at Noon
12 p.m.

Jane Says
Indie Invasion
HEELS For Success
Hip Hop Experience
Coffey in the Morning
1 p.m.

Ben & Christine Show
John Scheflow
The KO Experience
No Logic Mash Bash
The Couch Coaches
2 p.m.

Jess Londeree
Old Tiny Blues Hours
Emily Imes
the djck show
Hip Hop Hangover
The Matt & Tyler Show
3 p.m.

Lechuga Tortuga
King Joseus Hour
Kids At Heart
Rodger & Cooley
4 p.m.

Avocado Couch
The Neal Paul Show
Britney Schultz
Colin & Scott Hour
Snap Crackle Punk
Salbu's News
Jose 'Smooth J' Mondragon's Hour of Love
5 p.m.

Salbu's News
Audio Cocaine
Diggin' For Soul
Talk of the Campus
Pat's Stats Sports
The KK & Bee Show
6 p.m.

Rants & Raves Radio
Don't Hate Us
Something Refreshing
The Underdogs
Weekly Buzz
7 p.m.

Brian & Brad
Joe & Bo Show
Ben & Pac Show
Hunter Oface
Eclectic Energy
Galen & Matt Show
Laura Runyan
8 p.m.

80's At Eight
Christian Rock Miami
Mikes At Miami
Jeff And Guy
Eclectic Avenue
Hard Core Kayos
9 p.m.

Congrats Mr. Appleby
The Lab Partners
Dead Air Show
Finer Things Club
10 p.m.

Feel My Heat
Top 10 Showdown
Captain Kool
A Dose Of R&B
Mixed Media
11 p.m.

Afterdark Underground
This Week in Sports
Jane Says P. Hour
12 a.m.

Nicole Kusold
Clark Benson
Galen & Matt Show
Clark Benson
1 a.m.

2 a.m.