ALFAS Mentorship

The following faculty and members at Miami University are willing to interact with Hispanic, Latino and Hispanic/Latino heritage students at Miami University in order to facilitate Hispanic students’ adjustment to college and integration into the Miami Community. We strongly believe that a planned mentorship program will lead to improved Hispanic student academic achievement in terms of persistence rates, graduate rates and grade point average.

We are here to talk to you and share our knowledge with you about resources, scholarships, internships and other academic opportunities that are part of Miami University. Feel free to contact any of us in the following list.

LINK to Mentorship Proposal

Additionally, current Hispanic/Hispanic-heritage students at Miami University that are part of the Association of Latino and American Students (ALAS) are also part of this initiative of promoting dialogue among us as Hispanic/Latinos at Miami University. Feel free to contact them as well:

ALFAS - Mentor Faculty

Elena Jackson Albarrán, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of History and Latino/a and Caribbean Studies Program
200 Upham Hall, 100 Bishop Circle
Phone: (513) 529-0843

Hometown: New Hampshire/Tucson, AZ
At Miami since: 2008 | Faculty Page

Courses I teach: HST/LAS 217 Modern Latin American History, HST/LAS 319A Revolutions and Social Movements in Latin America, LAS/SPN 390A Latin American Popular Culture, HST 360T History of Modern Mexico, and HST 400R History of Modern Childhood. Area of specialization (research): 19th and 20th century Mexican history, Art history of Latin America, History of childhood, and Pop culture and kitsch.

Gerardo Brown-Manrique, Reg. Arch.
Professor of Architecture
Department of Architecture and Interior Design
106F Alumni Hall
Phone: (513) 529-7222

Hometown: México, D.F., México
At Miami since: 1978

Courses I teach: ARC/LAS 4/524 Latin American Modern Architecture, ARC 188 A Survey of Modern Architecture, ARC 4/505.C Typology and Regionalism, ARC 4/505.Q Housing Case Studies, graduate design studio. Area of specialization (research): contemporary housing theory, modern and contemporary architecture in Western Europe, current Latin American architecture; (practice) urban design.

Yvania A. Garcia, M.S.
Assistant Director of Diversity Affairs
Coordinator of Diverse Student Development
Office of Diversity Affairs
336 Shriver Center
Phone: (513) 529-9759

Hometown: San Dimas, California, United States
At Miami since: 2009 - Student in the Educational Administration Ph.D. program & Staff Member in the Office of Diversity Affairs.

Courses I teach: IDS 151: Diversity Seminar.

Rachel Oriol
Graduate Assistant/PhD
Department of English
356 Bachelor Hall
Phone: (513) 529-5221

Hometown: San Diego, CA
At Miami since: 2011

Courses I teach: English 111 and 112. Area of specialization: Latino/a literatures, Latin American literatures, 20th century American literatures, trauma theory, and performance/identity theories.

Jacqueline Rioja Velarde, MA
Assistant Director
Center for American and World Cultures
108 MacMillan Hall
Phone: (513) 529-6518

Hometown: Lima, Peru
At Miami since: 2003

Courses I teach/taught: Re-entry Study Abroad Seminar, Issues in Cultural Diversity, Latin America Development, Introduction to Latin America, World Regional Geography, Earth's Natural Environment. Area of specialization: Applied Geography, Latin American Studies, Intercultural and International Education.

Eva Rodríguez González, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Linguistics)
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
244 Irvin Hall
Phone: (513) 529-4503

Hometown: Monforte de Lemos, Galicia, Spain
At Miami since: 2006

Courses I teach: SPN 312 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, SPN342 Advanced Conversational Spanish, SPN 484/584 Second Language Acquisition. Area of specialization (research): Second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, and bilingualism.